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Ford F150 Running on Natural Gas

The Ford Motor Company announced that in 2014 they will be offer their best selling F150 pickup truck in a compressed natural gas configuration. This is a big step that business has been wanting for some time, but for the average consumer this is probably not your best choice. Business can afford to install the infrastructure that will be required to fuel these trucks because they will be operating locally.

2014 Ford F150 CNG

2014 Ford F150 CNG

If you have been considering a compressed natural gas vehicle you must of considered taking trips and the availability of fueling stations. The math works out when we talk about the costs per mile. Currently Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is going for about $2.10 a gallon, which is quite a saving over the current average gasoline price of about $3.67 a gallon.

For large fleets and business it might be just the ticket and a way to cut operating costs, but don’t count on getting a deal on the new F150 Ford Pickup equipped to run on CNG. I am sure you won’t see any lower rate financing specials or manufacturer rebates anytime soon.

If you want to be a pioneer when it comes alternative fuel sources for your personal car then you might be wise to looking into electric vehicles. There are pluses and minuses when it comes to any fuel source for automobiles, but you must think about practicality. The Ford 150 pickup truck is a great vehicle, but I think I will stick to gasoline for now.

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