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In light of all the new vehicles being produced today and in the near future the EPA has been working on a new Fuel Economy Comparison Label to help the consumer understand where the new vehicle stands as far as fuel economy and environmental impact. Fuel Labels for Consumer Protection and Information The two options […]

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Cash for Clunkers a Mess in the Making?

It seems that the buzz on Cash for Clunkers has cooled down a little bit, but not at the car dealers. There are numerous unofficial reports of dealers running out of cars that will qualify for Car Allowance Rebate System. Dealers are asking for cars from the manufacturers, but they have reduced inventories so low […]

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Have you ever been to the new car dealership and heard someone or even your salesman call out over the P.A. system “New Car Spot Delivery” ? Many car dealers announce a new car sales in just that manner. It is called the new car spot delivery scam. This means that they just closed a […]

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