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There are a number of reasons why you would consider buying a car from a dealership in a state other than where you live such as price, selection and condition. The popular question from many automobile buyers is how do I buy a car out of state and drive it home? This article contains the […]

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The Car Buying Process is Intentional

Whether you realize it or not there is a Car Buying Process and a structure which the car dealership and the salesman use to take you through the process for buying cars. As soon as you pull onto the car dealer’s lot you trigger well thought and planned procedure. The car buying process of any […]

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To help you get more comfortable with the car buying paperwork you can go over a common car bill of sale for a vehicle. Below you will find a copy of a standard Auto Bill of Sale along with a line by line explanation. At first glance it looks like a lot of confusing information, […]

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Cash for Clunkers a Mess in the Making?

It seems that the buzz on Cash for Clunkers has cooled down a little bit, but not at the car dealers. There are numerous unofficial reports of dealers running out of cars that will qualify for Car Allowance Rebate System. Dealers are asking for cars from the manufacturers, but they have reduced inventories so low […]

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Have you ever been to the new car dealership and heard someone or even your salesman call out over the P.A. system “New Car Spot Delivery” ? Many car dealers announce a new car sales in just that manner. It is called the new car spot delivery scam. This means that they just closed a […]

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