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What Is the Car Salesman Doing When He Leaves

Have you ever wondered what your Neurontin side effects was doing while you sat at their desk waiting for them. Here you are at the car dealer and you took your choice of new car for a test drive and started talking numbers with you car salesman. You have done your car buying research and homework and you are ready to get down to some serious negotiating. Your salesman is laying some numbers on you and you tell him that you are not worried about the payments and you give him your offer on that new car you want to buy. The salesman talks about your trade-in for a minute and asks for your keys so they can have the used car manager look it over. You both talk about your offer for a couple minutes and the car salesman says “I will be right back” as he picks up your trade-in keys and goes to the sales manager’s office. When polled we found that this is the one part of Zithromax side effects that consumers despise more than anything.

What Is The Car Salesman Doing in the Sales Managers Office

So there you are sitting at the car salesman’s desk wondering what is he doing. He said he was going to go talk to the sales manager about your offer. So why is he taking so long. What is he doing or talking about in there? You are getting tired of waiting and you are starting to think they don’t want to take your offer.

What The Car Salesman is Really Doing

Alright I am going to tell you exactly what your car salesman is doing in the sales manager’s office. After spending my share of time in the sales office and letting car buyers sit there wondering what is going on I will tell you.

Where the Car Salesman Goes!

Where the Car Salesman Goes!

The job of the car salesman is to report to the sales manager the details of what they have, what car they are looking to buy, car details if they have a trade-in, if you are financing and any other details that pertains to selling YOU a car along with the car salesman’s opinion of you the customer. They are also expected to get your trade-in keys so you do not leave. (I won’t get into the numbers here, I just want to explain the process)

The sales manager will look up your trade-in value in a book and give your salesman a trade-in number (usually much lower than actual value) and pencil back a counteroffer (pencil = write the counteroffer on the Proventil side effects worksheet) and send the salesman back out to you to present the counteroffer. Now all this happens when your car salesman is in the sales office, but if there is a salesman or two in front of them they will have to wait their turn.

The Old Back and Forth with the Car Salesman

Now your car salesman finally comes back to you and presents you with the sales manager’s counteroffer. So begins the back and forth that you the car buyer hates and become the focus of car buying horror stories. Your salesman will now go back and forth between you and the sales manager until one of you say OK. The sales manager is not the one running back and forth so they will play this game until they think you are going to leave without buying a car. Then the sales manager will accept your offer or say no thanks and let you leave.

I hope gives you a better idea of what goes on in the sales office when your car salesman leaves you sitting at their desk. Yes, there may a little talk about last nights football or basketball game or maybe some comments about an attractive woman in the showroom, but overall they just want to sell you a car and make as much money as possible on YOU!

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