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What’s This About One Pay Car Leases?

All About One Pay Car Leases

Who in the world would want a one-pay car lease? You might be surprised to know that most automakers offer a one-pay car lease. However it is not very common because it means that you will have to cough up all of the money up front to pay for your car lease at one time.

This option for paying all your fees and charges up front to lease your car for 3 years is hardly ever discussed, but it does exist. The only real benefit to this one pay lease option is the low money factor or interest charge. In many cases the money factor is close to 0.00001, which is as close to 0% financing as you will find and the money has to be paid out anyway. Very few people have the cash lying around to plunk down the money at the beginning of a car lease, but there is the convenience of not making monthly payments. Not to mention the nearly 0% financing charges.

Convenience of One Pay Car LeasesOne Payment Car Lease

There isn’t any change to the lease residual value or anything else, but you don’t have to worry about wring a check every month. The thought of not having to think about making the payment or anything else for 36 months is appealing, but just like leasing the alternative of the one pay car lease is not for everyone that leases automobiles.

Companies that have the extra cash lying around typically use this alternative, but it’s also available to practically anyone that wants to exercise the one pay car lease option. If you are a person that likes to lease their vehicles and can afford to pay for everything in the beginning of the lease term you might want to consider the one pay lease for your next car.

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