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Lets See the Car Dealer Invoice

Have you seen the car dealer invoice the last time you shopped for a car? I am not talking about the window sticker or Monroney Label. I mean the actual invoice that the car dealer receives from the manufacturer that breaks down all the details, options, charges and fees for a particular car they are selling on their lot. Very few people have actually seen the manufacturers invoice for a vehicle they purchased or considered purchasing. Car dealer do not like to provide this document to the car buyer because it can open up the potential buyer to unrealistic negations and expectations.

The car dealer invoice usually displays the dealer invoice, advertising charges, destination fees, dealer finance reserve and dealer holdback which you can see on the examples provided below. I have brought the invoice out for the customers to see on several occasions over the years, but I usually regretted that decision. Sometimes it helped me sell a car or truck, but other times it just made the potential buyer question things like holdback, advertising and destination charges.

Ask to See the Car Dealer Invoice

You can ask a dealership salesperson or sales manager to see the manufacturers invoice, but don’t count on them granting your request. However some dealers will let you take a look at the invoice if they think it will help them make a sale. I have covered most of the charges and fees shown on the car dealers invoice in this car buying guide, but I will cover some of the items you will want to see if you get a chance to see the dealers invoice on your next new car.

Examples of Car Dealer Invoices

2011 Ford Car Dealer Invoice

Ford Car Dealer Invoice of Pickup Truck

Lets take a closer look at this car dealer invoice and go over some of the high points.

A. This section shows you the base vehicle including the base MSRP and the base invoice price before options and accessories. You can see the VIN number and the model code including model year and color.

B. This part of the dealer invoice lists the options and accessories including the list price list and dealer price. Some options may be included on the base vehicle and these will be listed with a NC or no charge.

C. This part of the document will display the subtotals and the destination or delivery charge. It will also list any package discounts applied by the automaker.

D. You see that this part on the invoice shows the fuel charge and advertising dealer fees or charges that are assessed to every vehicle built by the automaker.

E. This box should display the dealer where the vehicle is shipped.

F. Shown here is the dealer holdback and invoice total.

G. This part is standard on Ford vehicles that display the discounted price for the different purchase plans the the company offers for employees and family members.

Toyota 2009 Rav4 Car Dealer Invoice

Toyota Car Dealer Invoice Example

H. This section of the Toyota car dealer invoice displays the model code of the car, car colors both interior and exterior. It also shows the VIN number invoice date and engine number including size.

I. This area on the invoice shows the base model MSRP and dealer price plus factory accessories.

J. This part of the invoice lists all the features and accessories and standard equipment.

K. This displays the added options and prices of the vehicle.

L. This part contains a final tally and total of all the options and charges including destination, advertising dealer fees (TDA), gasoline, dealer holdback and financial reserve. You can see the MSRP or window sticker price and the dealer invoice price.

M. This section is standard for Toyota which displays the residual value of this specific vehicle when leasing. You can see the months and the low mileage is 12K a year and the std is 15k a year.

These Dealer invoices are different is some aspects, but they still display the the numbers that car buyers want to know. I am not saying that the dealer will show their copy of the car dealer invoice, but its worth a shot.

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