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Beware of Car Dealer Advertising and Disclaimers

The consumer is bombarded with automobile dealer advertising in numerous ways throughout the course of a day. If you turn on the television, get on the web, listen to the radio or read the newspaper (yes, some people still read a daily newspaper) you are going to be subject to advertising for cars. However most people don’t pay full attention to this advertising and if you are in the market for a new vehicle you need to beware of this car advertising and disclaimers, especially the disclaimers.

Car Sales Disclaimers and Ads

Laws and Car Ad Disclaimers

State and federal laws require automakers and car dealers to use disclaimers in all of their advertising to keep people from assuming what they see or hear in car advertising applies to all consumers or a pictured or described vehicle rather the actual vehicle used for these advertising specials. When we look in the dictionary for disclaimers or disclaim we find the following:


  1. To deny or renounce
  2. To deny the validity or authority of
  3. Law to renounce or repudiate (a legal claim or right)

According to this definition car advertising is not accurate unless you read the disclaimer that tells you the conditions in which the advertising is accurate. In other words what you see and hear may not be true, but it’s attractive and if you want to know the truth you need to read the disclaimer.

Fortunately most consumers don’t read or listen to the disclaimers where automobile advertising is concerned. Most people only see what the advertisers want them to see and if you want to read and understand the car advertising disclaimers you need a magnifying glass or have the power to watch a commercial over and over in slow motion or freeze frame so you even read the statement.

The lesson here is that all car advertising will have a disclaimer that you need to read, listen and understand before you get excited about the big sale. There is always a disclaimer somewhere on the printed page or you may have to click a link to find the disclaimer on a web page, but its always there and you need to beware of the conditions and stipulations before you get carried away.

Take a look below and you will find two disclaimers from different dealers. The ads or offers don’t matter at this point because they are like all car advertising that makes it sound too good to be true. See how difficult these disclaimers are to read and understand. You know what they say, “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is”. Protect yourself before you rush over to the local car dealership and read the car advertising and disclaimers.

Examples of Car Dealer Advertising Disclaimers Car Dealers Ads and Disclaimers

car dealer disclaimers


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