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Car Buying Guide

You don’t need to have a car buying guide to go out and purchase, finance and trade-in an automobile, but you could benefit if you knew the tricks of the trade. In fact you could easily save hundreds or thousands of dollars just by reading some of these car-buying tips and auto dealer insider advice. Whether you are thinking about buying a new car or a used car you can learn some the secrets of the pros. I have tried to cover everything from buying to selling so you can learn how to save a fortune on a car.

Car Buying Guide

You will soon learn that there is much more to buying a car than price. Every single thing at the car dealership has been fine tuned to make the most profit from your visit to the car dealership. The car salesman is only one part of the equation, but there are many other ways to get your hard earned money. This car buyers guide will help your navigate the entire process for buying a vehicle so you can avoid the tricks of the auto industry.

Car Buying Guide from an Insider

I arranged this car buyers guide in an easy to follow format that starts with the basics and progresses through the mostly costly areas of purchasing automobiles. I have listed the chapters and the sections of each chapter of this car buying guide so you can read all of the advice for buying cars in order or you can choose the specific area that is currently of interest to you. This information is from years on experience in the auto industry, you can read more about me here.

Car Buying Guide Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Car Buying Basics

Car Buying Basics 101
Car Buying 101: The Basics
Car Buyer Beware
Let the Car Buyer Beware
or Pay the Price
Take a Look Inside the
Car Dealership

Car Dealership Staff and
Who Does What
The Evolution of Car Buying
Remember Cars Are
Just A Commodity
Future Car Buying
The Future of Car Buying

Chapter 2: Car Buying Considerations and Questions

Car Buying Considerations
How Much Money Can You Save When Buying a Car?
In a Hurry?
Sticker is Quicker
One Price and No Haggle Car Dealerships
Car Buying Commitment
Buying a Car is a Commitment So Think it Through First
Car Buying Decisions
and More Decisions
The Real Cost of Car Ownership
Why Set a Car Buying Budget?
Should I Buy a New
or Used Car?
Does Buying a Hybrid Car Make Sense
Does Buying a Hybrid
Car Make Sense?

Chapter 3: Car Buying Information and Secrets

New Car Buying Information,
Tools and Secrets
MSRP and the Monroney Label or Window Sticker
Is Car Color Important to You?
Order a New Car From the Factory, Yeah Right!
What is Dealer Holdback on a New Car?
Car Rebate
All About New Car Incentives and Rebates
The Story Behind Dealer
Demo Cars
Lets See the Car Dealer Invoice
Inventory and Car Dealer
Floor Plans
Why Do I Have to Pay Car Dealer Advertising Fees?
Beware of Car Dealer Advertising and Disclaimers
Car Dealer Cash and Secret Money

Chapter 4: Car Shopping and Dealerships

Car Buying Time
Shopping for a New Car
Discount Car Buying Programs and Warehouse Clubs
All You Need to Know About Car Dealer Websites
Checking Out the Auto
Manufacturers Websites
What Is The Best Time for Buying a New Car
Revealed: Why Car Dealers Want You in the Their Showroom
The Real Truth About Calling the Car Dealership
I Want Your Best Price on a Car
Be Careful of Car Dealer Price Quotes
Online Car Shopping
Internet Car Shopping Techniques
to Save Money
Car Dealer Locates Car
What is a Dealer Locate
for New Cars?
Deposit for Car Dealer
Should I Leave a Car Dealer Deposit?

Chapter 5: Car Leasing

Car Leases Explained
Car Leasing and How it Works
Car Lease Errors
Don’t Make These Common Car Leasing Mistakes
Automobile Lease Residual Values
What is the Car Lease Residual Value?
What the Heck are Money Factors for Car Leasing?
Making the Car Leasing Decision
A Quick Way to Decide if Car Leasing Right for You
One Payment Car Lease
What’s This About One Pay Car Leases?
Lease a Used Car
Are You Crazy Lease a Used Car?
Sales Tax and Car Leasing
Car Leasing Sales Tax a Major Consideration
End of Car Lease Choices
Car Lease End Options Explained
Buying a Leased Car
Should You Buy Your Leased Car?
Car Leasing and Down Payments
Do I Need a Down Payment on a
Car Lease?
Get Out of Your Car Lease Early
Advertised Car Lease Specials and WarningsTrading In a Leased Car Early
Calculate Your Car Lease Payment

Chapters 6-10

Chapter 6

Used Car Buying - Get PreparedVehicle History Reports - Are They Accurate?
Inside Track on Certified Pre-Owned CarsBuying Auction CarsUsed Car Pricing is Subjective
Buying a Rental CarWhat's Your Trade-In Worth?Ebay Car Buying
Private Party Car BuyingCraig's List For Buying CarsUsed Car Inspection
Should I Buy a Used Car From a New Car DealerShipping a Car

Chapter 7

Visiting the Car DealershipHow To Deal With Car Salesmen
Why Are Car Salesmen So PushyTips For Negotiating With Car SalesmenThe Test Drive
The Extended Test DriveThe Switch CarWill You Fall For The Bump
The Four SquareThe Numbers PresentationThe Car Spot Delivery
Every Step is a Profit SourceCar Dealer Allocations and InventoryCar Salesman Pay Plans Their Motivation
What Is the True Dealer CostLeave the Emotions at HomeNegotiating Your Car Deal
The Turn - Salesman or Sales ManagerCar Salesman Training

Chapter 8

Trade-Ins and Other OptionsSelling Your Old Car Yourself
Donate Your Old CarDetermining Your Trade-In ValueUsed Car Price guides for Buying and Selling
Owe Money of Your Trade-InUsed Car Dealer Profit PotentialDealer Used Car Inventory - Where From?
What Happens to My Trade-InUpside Down on Your Trade-InPrepping Your Old Car for Appraisal
Add-Ons, Accessories and Trade ValuesTax Savings for Trade-Ins

Chapter 9

0% Car Financing - Fact or FictionPayment Buyer or Price Buyer?
Low Rate Car Financing or RebateCar Down PaymentsGet Me Done Car Buying
Buy a Car With Bad CreditWhat are Buy Here Pay Here Car DealersCredit Scores and Car Loans
Credit Reports and Buying a CarFixing Your Credit ReportAuto Financing Tiers Can Cost You
The Car Lenders AdvanceCar Dealer Financing Profit CenterCredit Unions and Bank for Car Loans
Paying Cash Is Not What The Car Dealer WantsGood Credit Doesn't Mean You're Approved

Chapter 10

Car Buying Paperwork, Extended Warranties and FeesThe Box, Boiler Room or Finance Office
Contract, Forms and Buyers OrderDocumentation ChargeDealer Prep Charge
Plus Tax, Title and LicenseOTD or Out the Door NumbersCar Dealer Fees
Menu SellingGAP InsuranceWindow Etching
Service PlansExtended WarrantiesTire and Wheel Protection
Dealer Installed Options and Accessories

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