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Car Buying Statistics – You Might Be Suprised

Chances are you never thought about car buying statistics, but it is something you might want to know. These are not the kinds of things that you would normally care about unless you are in the car business. Some of these car buying statistics might surprise you and you might see how they come into play when you are buying a car.

The car buyers that gets the best deal is the car buyer that works at a dealership, has a family member or close friend working at a dealership or the informed and educated car buyer. So, if you are not related, a friend or working at a car dealership the next best thing is to get yourself educated by doing your homework so you can avoid car buying scams. These car buying statistics should help you be a more educated car buyer and understand the thinking of the car dealer and car salesman.

Car Buying Statistics Help Get The Best Deal

Car Buying Statistics Help Get The Best Deal

Car Buying Statistics and Car Scams

Car buyers will buyers will usually buy a car in 3 days or less of making the decision to buy before they even visit a car dealer.

It is said that 80% of car buyers buy a car different than what they came in to buy. Such as different color, model etc..

More than half of the car buyers visiting a car dealership that sells their preferred brand will come to look and end up buying a car on their first visit.

Over 95% of car buyers take their new car home on their first visit, it is called a Spot Delivery. (see lingo)

The car buyers that are the happiest with their car buying experience usually paid the most profit. (I don’t have a percentage on this, but it is the rule of thumb quoted by professional car sales people)

Most dealers with a good sales staff will sell or close between 20% and 30%  of all the visitors to their car dealership.

Car buyers that are determined to look at many different dealers in order to get the best deal usually buy at the second car dealer they visit.

It is said that 86% of all car buyers start their car buying research online by visiting various manufacturers and dealers websites.

Most car buyers use emotion rather than logic to buy a new car when it is somewhat close to their price or payment range, the easiest way to become a victim of car buying scams.

When you decide it is time for you to buy a new car keep these car buying statistics in mind and do all the research regarding price, model, colors, options and financing in order to get the best deal possible. After all it is your money, make sure you spend it the way you want, not the way the car dealer scams want you to.

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