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Your Car Buying Questions Answered

Answers to your car buying questions

I get a lot of car buying questions asked of me everyday so I thought I would put together a section of the website that answers some of the most frequently asked questions car buyers ask and the questions to ask when buying a new car or used car. You can also find tons of information all the car buying articles and site index.

The Car Buying Questions and Answers

You will be taken to my answers to the car buying questions by clicking the link in the question. I have arranged the questions from car buyers by categories. Scroll down and find the answers that you are looking for when you have questions about buying a car. I will continue to add questions and answers as time allows. If there is a specific car buying question that you have that is not listed below feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page and ask your question in the comment box. I will get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer and then add it to the other car questions.

Categories of Car Buying Questions and Answers

Pricing and Discount Car Buying Questions

How do I get the best price when I buy a new car?

Is the dealer prep fee the same amount on all cars?

What are the real car buying fees and what are phony dealer fees?

I went to several car dealers and the price was a little different on the window sticker at one of the car dealers. Isn’t the price supposed to be the same at every dealer?

Financing and Credit Car Buying Questions

What kind of credit score do I need to buy a car or what is a good credit score for buying a car?

It is possible for me to be buying a car after bankruptcy?

What do I have to do to refinance a car loan?

I heard that car dealers can make your interest rate higher, is that true?

How can the car dealer make my car payments higher when it is just simple math? Won’t it be obvious?

How can I buy a car if my credit is not good?

Warranties and Extended Warranties for Cars

Should I buy extended car warranty or are they just scams on car buyers?

Where can I get a free price quote on an extended car warranty…..SmartAutowarranty.comcar buying questions

I am going to buy a used car that is 4 years old and I was thinking about getting a warranty, what should I be looking for if I buy a warranty?

I bought a used car and I keep having problems. Does the Lemon Law cover problems with a used car?

Car Buying Questions about Car Salesmen and Car Dealers

The car dealer said they would do a dealer locate and trade for my new car. Is that normal and is there anything I should know about a dealer located car?

How do car dealers scam car buyers?

When I was at the car dealer they seemed to be talking a different language (slang or sayings). What do all those things the car salesmen were saying mean?

Does the car maker care when you get treated badly at the car dealership?

Car Buying Questions about the Purchase Transaction

What is a car buyer’s order and what purpose does it serve when buying a car?

If I change my mind after buying a car can’t I return it according to the 72 hour rule for buying a car?

Why the does car salesman and car dealer screw car buyers?

What are the questions to ask when buying a car at a car dealership?

When buying new cars are there certain steps I should take to prepare?

I bought a car and when I got home I realized I could of got the car cheaper. Can I return a car to the dealer?

Is there a certain process of How To Buy a New Car?

What is the best way to limit the negotiating so I can still get a good deal?  Try following the car purchase negotiating tips for making your purchase smooth and non-confrontational.

Is there a standard process that shows all the Steps to Buying a Car?

What is all that information on the Car Buying Paperwork or Bill of Sale for when I buy a car at the car dealer?

What is a Spot Delivery?

Car Leasing Questions

I noticed that the payments for a car lease are cheaper than the payments for buying a car. I want lower payments, but how do I decide if I should buy a car or lease a car?

Can I get out of my car lease early?

Used Cars and Trade-In Questions

How do I figure out how much my trade-in is worth before I go to the car dealer?

I bought a new car and traded in my old car. The car dealer said that they would take care of the old car loan and would pay it off. Is this a common practice and how can I be sure that they will payoff my old car loan?

Car buying questions to ask a car dealer: Are there certain things I should check if I am considering buying a used car?

Does it make sense to buy a car that was in a flood?

Miscellaneous Tips for Buying a New Car and Questions

Will my car value go down because it was part of a Recall by a car maker?

Is it worth it to get that car windows etching at the car dealer or is it a scam?

Does it make sense to buy a demo car (demonstrator car) instead of a new car?

I heard that there are all kinds of scams and tricks that car dealers use to sell cars and rip people off. What kind of things do they do to scam car buyers?

My friend told me not to say too much to the car salesman when I go to the car dealer. I am confused what is it that I am not supposed to say to the car salesman?

What to ask when buying a new car? New Car Buying Questions to Ask

Your car buying questions can amount to more than these above because there are many questions to ask when buying a car. If you have a car buying question that you need answered feel free to add your car question in the comment box below. It doesn’t matter if you are buying new cars or used cars I will answer your question and post it in the section above.


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