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The Car Buying Process is Intentional

Whether you realize it or not there is a Car Buying Process and a structure which the car dealership and the salesman use to take you through the process for buying cars. As soon as you pull onto the car dealer’s lot you trigger well thought and planned procedure.

Steps of the Car Buying Process

The car buying process of any successful car dealership is one that is planned, scripted, measured and monitored. The Neurontin side effects is trained to walk their car buyer through a series of per-determined car selling steps and processes while using carefully scripted words, phrases and questions. Every step builds on the next step with the intention of getting you to buy a car. The car salesman is well trained and armed with psychological car dealer tricks that are used make you comfortable and break down your defenses which will allow them to sway you from your intended logical choices and decisions.

The Standard Car Buying Process is a Tactic

The process for buying a car at your local dealership is broken into many steps that vary from dealer to dealer. These steps to buying a new car have been called many different things such as 10 steps to a car sale or the road to the sale. Each step of the car buying process is design to accomplish a specific objective and bring you, the car buyer closer to buying a car.

Steps of the Car Buying Process

1. Meet and Greet: This is the first step of the car buying process and the step where you meet you car salesman and they meet you. You exchange names and your car salesman’s chance to start selling himself or herself to you. They try to get to know a little about you so they can size you up and figure what kind of customer you are.

2. Determine Needs: This part of the process of purchasing a vehicle is for the car salesman to determine what kind of car you may want and what you need in a vehicle. The salesman will ask you questions in an effort to determine what model car to show you along with any special requirements you may have. They will try to determine your price range, desired monthly payment and you ability to finance a car.

3. Walk Around: This part of the car buying process is to show you some cars and their features and benefits. It is also used to check you level of emotional or logical involvement in your decision making. The plan is to get you to select a car you want to buy.

4. Test Drive: This is a major part of the process for buying a car because some people fall in love with the idea of a new car after they drive the car and get a whiff of that new car smell. The salesman wants you to fall in love with the new car because it makes their job easier when it comes time to negotiate the car deal. The process of buying a new car at many car dealers requires the car salesman to have you drive the car so you will not want to leave the car dealer without buying a new car. During the test drive the car salesman will demonstrate the features that you seem to be interested in while pumping you for information that they will use to sell you a car.

5. After Test Drive: After you have driven the new car the salesman will have a series of questions they will ask you to make sure you like the car, are receptive to buying the car and your ability to buy the car. If this part of the car buying process has turned out favorably your car salesman will move forward to the next step in the process for buying a car.

The car buying process is planned in detail

6. Showroom: The car salesman will bring you into the showroom and you will sit down at their desk. They will be some more talk and questions to confirm that you are ready to buy a car before your car salesman moves to the next step of the buying process.

7. Negotiation: This is the part of the car buying process that is loaded with Premarin cream and car salesman tricks. The negotiating part of the process is something that the car dealer spends the most amounts of time and resources when training their car salesmen. The negation step involves psychological tactics and techniques that are specifically designed to get you to buy a car.

8. Making a Deal: This is when you, the car buyer and the car salesman comes to an agreement on price, terms, financing and payments. This usually called “Closing the Deal” by car salesmen. The steps 7 & 8 are sometimes considered one step of the car buying process, but some dealerships count it as two steps when it comes to intense training they use to condition their car sales people.

9. Business Office or Finance Office: The car buying process and steps that I have covered so far all comes together in the Business Office. This is where all the Ampicillin side effects is signed and everything is finalized. The Finance Manager that is processing your car buying paperwork will tell you that you can relax now, but in reality the negotiation is just getting started. The Finance manager will try to sell you all sorts of things like an extended warranty, Zanaflex dosage, car loan life insurance, service contracts, tire warranties, car dealer fees and any number of other things. The will roll you extra purchases into the dealership financing and sell you on the payment rather than the price. This step in the process is where many people become the victim of car dealer scams.

10. Car Delivered: While you are in the finance office your new car is being prepped for a Retinitis pigmentosa so you can drive it home as soon as you come out of the Finance Office and complete the final step of the process for buying a car. One you take delivery you have completed the process of buying a car. Congratulations you bought a car, but there are no returns after you take delivery. It’s your car no matter what happens.

The car salesman has scripts and word tracks that they have memorized to move you through every step of the process. Every word and action is deliberate and designed to make Zithromax side effects seem like an effortless and natural process. Whether it be a new car or buying a used car from a dealer the process is practically the same, except that your car salesman will use slightly different tactics, terminology and techniques when you are buying a used car.

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