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Car Buying Facts From a Top Car Salesman

These car buying facts are not numbers from the car industry, these facts are the way a top car salesman thinks when they are selling you a car. I am going to share with you the thoughts and beliefs that make a top car salesman a top salesman. These are car buying facts from the top car salesman’s perspective.

The Car Salesman’s Car Buying Facts

Once you walk on to the lot or into the new car showroom and I greet you there is very good chance I will sell you a car TODAY! You can tell me that you are just looking and not buying today, but I don’t pay much attention because most car buying customers tell me that and they end up leaving with a new car. I have sold more cars than I can count to customers that were just looking, that’s just one of my facts of car buying.

My Firsthand Car Buying Facts

One of the obvious facts of car buying is that a person rarely goes to a car dealership to waste time, they want a new car. Most people don’t want to go to a car dealership when they need to buy a car so why would someone come in to waste time or just look. Maybe the last thing they need is a new car or they can’t afford to buy a new car, but they would like a new car. This car buying fact makes my job much easier because all I have to do now is help them to overcome their objections. That’s easier than you might think when I know that you want a new car.

The Senses and Car Buying Facts

This second fact of car buying is that “wanting a new car” is an emotion. So the best course of action at this point is to engage your other senses and emotions. It is time to select the car you like and take you for a test drive. I will show you around the car both inside and out and point out some of the features that are important to you that I discovered while we were engaged in small talk and answered your car buying questions.

Out of the Market - Car Dealer Scam

Car Buying Facts and Car Salesmen

I hand you the keys and you slide in to the drivers seat and smell that new car smell. I love that new car smell, don’t you? We go for a ride and I ask the obvious questions. It rides nice, it handles nice, it smells good, it feels good, the stereo sounds good and you answer yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. We get back to the car dealership and get out of the car and we start walking towards the showroom and ask you to stop and turn around so you can see the car and then ask you “it sure looks good doesn’t it” and again you answer yes. Great, I have engaged your senses and emotions and they are all saying I would like to have that car, now that is a car buying fact.

Objections, Logic and Car Buying Facts

Another fact about car buying is that the payment is always more than you expected. Have you ever bought a car and the monthly payment was less than you expected? No, it is always more than you thought. It’s just a car buying fact that your payment is going to be higher. That’s just some of the logic and car dealer tricks that I will use to overcome your objections. We will go over the numbers and play the game.

I will get you to believe that I am working like a dog to get you a great deal. When we hit a rough spot I will remind about how nice the new car looks, drives or smells. Also I will carefully remind you about your old car so you will think about driving home your old car versus the new car. Which one would you rather drive home from the car dealership? The answer to that question is easy and another car buying fact.

We wrap up the deal and you drive home your new car. Before you leave we shake hands, I thank you for your business and you tell me that you didn’t plan on buying a new car today. There you go, another happy car buying customer and unaware of any car dealer scams, the dealer prep fee you paid or any car dealer fees.

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