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Get the Best New Car Value With These 10 Cars


The Best New Car Value

Many people think about price when you talk about the best new car value, but value is not necessarily about price. Value is about getting the most for your hard earned dollar and when it comes to car buying can be hard to navigate the automotive jungle. These 10 new cars make the grade when it comes to getting the most for the money including dependability, reliability and cost of ownership. These cars have been put to the test by Consumer Reports and they have come out on the top of the list when it comes to spending your money wisely. I have not driven all of these vehicles, but I have checked eight of these that are deemed the best new car value and I would have to agree. If one of these makes and models fit your needs you would be well advised to take them for a spin and discover why they make the grade.

Toyota Tops Best New Car Value

You can see that Toyota is well represented in this list of cars with the best new car value with 5 total if you include the Scion XB, which is made by Toyota. Honda and Subaru each have 2 models and Mazda balances out this list with their sedan. This says a lot for Toyota a competitor that is a standard when it comes to being in a class of cars with the best new car value. You car buying budget may dictate your next new car, but when it comes to a great deal and getting more for your money in the long run these are the tops for best new car value.

10 Cars for the Best New Car Value

Toyota Prius FourAutomatic51/48$28,435
Toyota Camry Hybrid XLEAutomatic40/38$28,625
Scion XB Automatic22/28$18,675
Toyota Camry LE 4 cyl.Automatic25/35$22,870
Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium Automatic24/32$23,495
Toyota Corolla LE Plus Automatic29/38$18,700
Honda Civic EX Automatic30/39$21,090
Honda Civic Hybrid Automatic44/47$24,635
Subaru Impreza Premium Automatic27/36$20,295
Mazda3 I Touring Sedan Automatic30/41 $17,995
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