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This December May the Best Month to Buy a New Car

The typical consumer gets bombarded with all kinds of advertising in December every year so ads and commercials for car deals are just part of the white noise that we call advertising. However this December may be the best month to buy a new car for a number of reasons. The automakers always have a big push every December, but some manufacturers are doing a little more than usual.

Best Month to Buy a New Car

In an effort to let everyone know that December is the best month to buy a new car the carmakers have a special sale or event that makes them stand out. Just think about if or a minute, Ford has the “Dream Big Event, Chrysler has the “Big Finish”, “Chevy’s Giving More” sale, Lexus has a “December to Remember”, Toyota has “Toyotathon” and don’t forget about “Happy Honda Days”.

Like any corporation the automakers are determined to reach their sales goals and earn a bigger market share. This also trickles down to individual dealerships, sales managers and car salesmen across the country when it comes to wrapping up the sales year. Year end bonuses and sales goals for salespeople, sales managers and dealer principals are often within reach at the beginning of December and this is the month that could mean extra commissions and bonuses depending on their Crestor generic

December is Often the Best Month to Buy a New Car

All of these automakers are offering rebates, discounts and low rate financing in order to get a bigger piece of the pie, but all the dealership sales personnel are also looking to make it a banner year. Many of these great car deals can be had with a little work and good timing, but in December everyone pulls out the stops to close more sales and deliver more new cars. This alone can make it best month to buy a new car.

The big news in the auto world this month is that Honda during their “Happy Honda Days” is giving their dealers an extra $3,000 per car discount when they sell more units than they did last December. Once a dealer reaches the car count that they had last December they will receive a $3,000 bonus for each additional car. However there is a limit, they will only receive the $3,000 bonus for 20% of the additional sales. No matter how you slice it that is still a huge dealer discount for a new Honda. This alone could make it a great month to buy a new car.

That doesn’t mean that the dealer will be necessarily giving that extra bonus to the customer. First they need to reach their sales quota and then they are capped at 20%, but that still adds up to some hefty cash for the dealer. Knowing Honda dealers as I do I am sure you will be seeing some heavy discounts this month that probably make it best month of the year to buy a new car this year, at least if you want to new Honda. I would suggest you wait until the last week of the month in order for the dealer to meet or at least come close to heir quota, because once they do or at least get close there will be plenty on great deals made.

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