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Be On the Look Out for Flood Damaged Cars

Flood Damaged Cars

We have all heard about flooded cities across the globe from hurricanes, overflowing rivers and many other surprises that Mother Nature can send our way, but you might be surprised to learn that flood damaged cars are practically everywhere. Check out this info-graphic from and the information it contains. A vehicle history report better be on your used car buying checklist.

Cars With Flood Damage Everywhere

Flood damaged cars are among us in greater numbers that most people realize. If nothing else this will make you understand the importance of a vehicle history report on any vehicle you may be considering. Water and electrical systems don’t mix and sometimes the problems could take months or years to show their ugly face.

Some flood-damaged vehicles may have required nothing more than a draining and cleaning, but automobiles today have so many electrical systems, computers and monitoring devices that can be affected by water. The thought of owning a pre-owned flood damaged vehicle is scary and could be very expensive in the long run.

Infograhics from CarFax   Check a Vehicle for Flood Damage


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