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Auto Service Contracts: Things You Should Know

When you buy a car today there are some other things that warrant your consideration. One of them is an Auto Service Contract. Servicing a current model car is a given, when you spend that much money on a car you are going want to keep it serviced.

There are dealers out there that may tell you that you are required to have the Auto Service Contract Service. This is not the case, if they want to bundle an auto service contract and include it in the price that is another thing. Usually the car dealer try to get you to buy the auto service contract for an additional charge. You should know that, it is an option. There is no requirement to buy an auto service contract, that is a one of the Premarin cream.

When it comes to auto service contracts, these are promises made by the car dealer, to provide the recommended and necessary services for specific time frame that the buyer is entitled  and contracted for.

Check Before Buying An Auto Service Contract

Check Before Buying An Auto Service Contract

Some people think that an auto service contract is the same as and extended warranty, it is not. If you purchased a new car the manufacturer provides a warranty for repairs, but not servicing. The auto service contract takes care of maintenance that the manufacturer recommends in order to keep the warranty valid.  These things would be oil and filter changes, tire rotation, air filters, brakes and rotors and anything that is considered normal. There will be conditions and stipulations written into all auto service contracts, detailing what is and is not included, watch for a car scam.

Things to consider before buying an Auto Service Contract:

1. Read carefully and make yourself aware of all the conditions, terms and stipulations of the Auto Service Contract.

Every car dealer can have several versions of the Auto Service Contract. Read all the terms, conditions and stipulations before you sign anything. Check to make sure if there is a deductible, some dealers have that included in their auto service contracts.

2. When and where will the service be performed

Make sure of where you may have to take your car to get it serviced under the terms of the Auto Service Contract. Just be sure that there aren’t unusual conditions to when and where you get you car serviced. You don’t want to be restricted to certain days or times.

3. Who will provide the service under the Auto Service Contract

Will this dealer being doing the service or can you take the car to any dealer of the same brand to get service done on your car. Will you feel comfortable to have the dealer service your car. How long has the dealer been in business and what kind of reputation do they have are some questions you may want to ask yourself before you buy an Auto Service Contract.

The morale of the story is when you buy a  new or used car, take your time, read and understand everything before you sign any Ampicillin side effects. If you don’t feel good about your purchase don’t do it. You are spending a lot of money, be sure of what you are doing and watch out for the car dealer scams.
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