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Everyone Is Having a Clearance Event

Open the newspaper, turn on the TV, listen the radio or get online and you will notice that practically every automaker is having a summer Clearance Event. They are all touting that this is the best time to buy or lease a new car. The 2014 models are starting to hit the showrooms across the country and so everyone is steeping up and making it easier than ever to get yourself a new vehicle. The dealers and the automakers are offering cash back and/or low rate financing deals on the 2013 models because nobody wants to get stuck with stale inventory.

Auto Clearance Event

Here we are in mid-August 2013 and all of the mainstream manufacturers are waving the the “Clearance Event” flag in order to clear out all the 2013s. If you have to pay MSRP in order to take advantage of these incentives they would still be a decent deal, but the good news is that these factory incentives have nothing to with the fact that dealers are dealing, not to mention some of the hidden dealer cash there is available to dealers. Take a look at some of the top brands and the cash back and/low or even 0% financing that is available to the car buyer this month. You can start there and then follow the Zithromax side effects you will find on this website so you can save several thousands on dollars on your next car, van or pick-up truck.

August 2013 Clearance Event Incentives

Brand             Cash Back as Much As       or Financing as Low As   
Buick $3000 0%
Cadillac $3000 0%
Chevrolet $5020 0%
Chrysler $5750 0%
Dodge $3750 0%
Fiat $1000 0%
Ford $11750 0%
GMC $3500 0%
Honda $2500 0.9%
Hyundai $2000 0%
Jeep $3250 0%
KIA $2000 0%
Mazda $2625 0%
Nissan $7500 0%
Toyota $2750 0%
Volkswagen $4500 0%

Factory Incentives are different for some models and subject manufacturer approval. See Automaker website or local dealer or for details.

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