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100 Best Selling Cars From the Beginning – Part 2

Here you the second part of the 100 Best Selling Cars from the beginning of cars.  You will see for yourself that they range from sharp and sporty to ugly and blah. These automobile top sellers will have you scratching your head and wondering what they were thinking when they bought all those cars. If you started here you can go back to part one on the top selling cars of all time.

The 100 Best Selling Cars – Part 2 – 51-100

Rank Make and Model Vehicles Sold Production Dates Car Photos
#51 Hindustan Ambassador

Made by Hindustan Motors of India

4 door sedan only model. If you from India you wouldn’t be surprised that it was one of the 100 best selling cars.

4,000,000+ Vehicles

One of the most popular in India because it stands up to the harsh terrain.    Really?

1958 – Present

They are still making them today even though it looks like an antique.

Hindustan Ambassador
#52 Citroen 2CV

Built as economy car w/manual trans and air cooled engine and front wheel drive.


Was available as 2  door panel van, 2 door truck and a 4-door landaulet.

1948 – 1990

Built in UK, France, Spain, Belgium and South America.

Looks pretty cool.

Citroen 2CV
#53 Fiat 500

Classed as a “City Car” with 4 speed manual trans. Available as a 2 door sedan and 3 door Estate model.

3,600,000 Vehicles

The Fiat Mini 500 was built as an inexpensive vehicle that used very little fuel. Economy cars were in demand post war.

1957 – 1975

Built in Torino, Italy

Cute little thing, I think I saw it in a Disney movie.

Fiat 500
#54 Fiat 127

The Italian auto maker Fiat introduced the 127 as a replacement to the 850.


Offered as

2 door sedan, 3 door hatchback, 3-door stationwagon in Brazil and a 4-door sedan in Spain.

1971 – 1983

The fiat 127 was replaced in 1983 by the Fiat Uno which is also on the list of the 100 best selling automobiles.

Fiat 127
#55 Ford Falcon

The Ford Falcon was considered a compact car and eventually replaced by the Maverick (bad idea)


2 & 4 door sedan, 3 & 5 door station wagon, 2 door hardtop, coupe, convertible, utility and sedan delivery.

1960 -1970

The Falcon had a standard 6 cylinder engine and had a V8 available- (a compact car with a V8)

1964 Ford Falcon
#56 Subaru Legacy

Classed as a mid-size car and offered in a 4 door sedan and a 5 door wagon.

3,000,000+ Vehicles

Also know as the B4 or the Liberty depend on what country is was being sold.

1988 – Present

Built in Japan and Lafayette, Indiana

Subaru customer are very loyal and I am sure the numbers will rise.

2010 Subaru Legacy
#57 Trabant

The Trabant was produced by the East German auto maker VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke.


It was the most popular car in East Germany and was also sold in countries that were non-communist countries.

1957 – 1991

The Trabant was built as a 2 door sedan, 2 door station and a doorless jeep style known as Kübelwagen.

1964 Trabant
#58 Peugeot 504

Classed as a large family car and offered in both manual and automatic transmissions along with a gas or diesel option.


The Peugeot 504 was built as a 4 door estate, 2-door coupe, 2 door convertible and a 2 door pickup truck in Europe.

1968 – 2006

The 504 was manufactured in practically every major continent in the world.

1999 Peugeot 504
#59 Jeep Cherokee XJ

The XJ Jeep was classed as a compact SUV and was offered as both 2 or 4 wheel drive.


Built in Ohio, China and Venezuela. The XJ was replaced by the Jeep Liberty? Try an figure out that move!

1984 – 2005

The XJ was offered with a variety of engine and transmission configurations.

Jeep Cherokee XJ Model
#60 Volvo 200 Series

In Europe the Volvo 200 Series was classed as an executive car and available as a 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan and 5 door estate (station wagon).


Sold in several variations that consisted of models 240 Series models 242L, 242DL, 244DL, 244GL, 245L and 245DL) and two models of the 260 Series 264DL and 264GL.

1974 – 1996

Built in Sweden, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Italy and Malaysia.

You were envied when you drove a Volvo 200.

Volvo 200 Series
#61 Ford Sierra

The Ford Sierra was classed as a mid-size car and offered as a 3 door or 5 door hatchback and a wagon.


The Sierra replaced the Ford Cortina shown elsewhere on the list of 100 best selling cars.

1982 – 1993

Built by Ford of Europe in Germany, England, and South Africa.

Ford Sierra
#62 Mercedes Benz S Class

What can you say about the S Class that is classed as luxury sedan. The price alone makes it stand out from the crowd.

2,700,000+ Vehicles and growing.

The “S-Class” name comes from the German word “Sonderklasse” which means “special class” or “In a class of its own”.

1954 – Present

Built in Germany, Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia, India and Thailand. Not a car for the average Joe.

Mercedes Benz S Class
#63 Peugeot 405

Classed  as a large family car and built as a 4 door sedan or 5 door wagon.


There were many variations of the Peugeot 405 to suit the many countries where it was sold. (Parts must be a pain)

1988 – 1997 & 2010 to Present

Built in Iran, France, UK and Egypt with front or 4 wheel drive.

Peugeot 405
#64 Suzuki Wagon R

Obviously built by Suzuki and also sold as the Opel Agila, Vauxhall Agila, Suzuki Karimun, Maruti Wagon-R and Mazda AZ-wagon.


With all the different badges it makes the popularity more understandable.

1993 – Present

A best selling car in Japan and you can bet it will be coming up in the rankings.

Suzuki Wagon R
#65 Honda CR-V

The CR-V is classed as a Compact Crossover SUV with only one body style and front wheel or 4 wheel drive.


You can bet this number will keep climbing because the CR-V is a top seller for Honda.

1995 – Present

The origination of the CR-V name is unclear. Some say Compact Recreational Vehicle and others say it is Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.

2010 Honda CR-V
#66 Mitsubishi Pajero

Classed as a mid-size SUV with a front engine 4 wheel drive configuration.


You may recognize some of the other names under which it was sold like Mitsubishi Montero, Mitsubishi Shogun and the Mitsubishi Pajero SFX.

1982 – Present

Built in Japan and a top selling vehicle around the globe. Looks good too!

Mitsubishi Pajero
#67 Pontiac Firebird

Classed as a Pony Car or Muscle Car by the now defunct Pontiac division of GM created the Firebird which is closely related to the Chevy Camaro.


You can see by the numbers it was a big seller and deserves a place in the 100 best selling cars.

1967 – 2002 Firebird and 1969 – 2002 as the Firebird Trans-Am

Built in the U.S. only in California and Ohio.

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
#68 Maruti 800

The Maruti 800 is classed as a city car and built by Maruti Suzuki in India.


Sold as the Suzuki Maruti in some countries. An affordable and popular 5 door car.

1984 – 2010

Built in India and a big seller in South Asia, Sri Lanka and South American.

Maruti 800
#69 Holden Commodore

First classed as a mid-size and later a full size car.

Holden is a division General Motors in Australia.


Built as a 2 door utility vehicle, 4 door sedan and 5 door station wagon with a front-engine and rear-wheel drive.

1978 – Present

The Commodore was also badged as the Holden Berlina and the Holden Calais. Leave it to GM.

2010 Holden Commodore
#70 BMC ADO16

Classed as a compact car and built by the British Motor Corporation which became British Leyland.


The BMC ADO16 was built as a 4 door saloon (sedan), 2 door saloon and a 2 door estate(wagon) with a front engine and front wheel drive.

1962 – 1974

Mostly built in England, but also in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Australia and South Africa.

#71 Simca 1100

The Simca 1100 was classed as a super-mini and built by the European division of Chrysler.


The Simca 1100 was offered as a 3 or 5 door hatchback, 5 door estate, 2 door Pickup truck and a 2 or 3 door van.

1967 – 1985

In 1967, the 1100 was quite advanced with a hatchback, folding rear seats, disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, an independent front and rear suspension using Chrysler-style torsion bars and a full range of controls.

1975 Simca 1100
#72 Chevrolet Vega

The Chevy Vega was classed as a subcompact car and built as a 2 door notch-back sedan, 2 door hatchback coupe, 2 door wagon and a 2 door panel delivery vehicle.


They sold a lot of those Vegas in only seven years. It was to drive anywhere without seeing a Chevy Vega.

1971 – 1977

Built in Ohio, United States and Quebec, Canada. Price was a big part of the Vega becoming a member of the 100 best selling cars.

1972 Chevrolet Vega
#73 Rover Metro

Classed as a super-mini the Rover Metro was made by the Austin Rover Group division of British Leyland.


The Metro was available as a 3 or 5 door hatchback, 3 door van and a 2 door convertible with a front engine configuration and front-wheel drive.

1980 – 1998

The metro was built in England and was built to be the big brother of the Mini seen earlier on the best selling list.
(Not a GEO Metro)

Rover Metro
#74 Simca 1000

The Simca was only built as a 4 door sedan and classed as a small car.


As you can see from the numbers the Simca 1000 was very popular and especially in France.

1961 – 1978

The Simca 1000 had a rear engine and was built in Spain, France and Morocco.

I think this one was a star in the Disney Cars movie.

Simca 1000
#75 Mercedes Benz W201

The W201 was classed as a compact executive car and offered only as a 4 door sedan.


It was only built in two different plants in Germany and expensive which makes the sales numbers more impressive.

1983 – 1993

The MB W501 was very popular in Europe, but not a very big seller in the United States.

Mercedes Benz W201
#76 Chevrolet Corvair

Classed as a compact car the Corvair was a six passenger four door sedan, but offered as a coupe, convertible and station wagon.


The Corvair became a sporty niche car which sported an air cooled rear engine. Very popular and affordable.

1960 – 1969

The Chevy Corvair caught on quick and you can see why it is on the list of the 100 best selling cars. It was fun to drive.

Chevrolet Corvair 1960
#77 Nissan Maxima

The Maxima was initially built as a compact car then a mid-size car and finally a full size car.

1,700,000+ Vehicles

The Maxima has been growing in popularity and giving both Honda and Toyota a run for their money.

1981 – Present

Originally built in Japan, but also in Tennessee in the U.S. A big hit in the United States and gaining momentum.

2005 Nissan Maxima
#78 Nissan Z

The Nissan Z represents a line of sports cars made by Nissan of Japan.


The Nissan Z Series sports cars are well know for their affordability, performance, reliability and good looks.

1969 – 2000 and 2002 – Present

Only built in Japan, but the popularity was strong in the United States.

2007 Nissan 350Z
#79 Nissan Micra

The Micra is also know as a the Nissan Micra, Datsun Micra, Nissan Verita and the Nissan March outside of Asia and India.


A compact car that is dependable, affordable and fuel efficient, exactly what many car buyers are looking for today.

1982 – Present

These numbers along with their ranking is sure to rise in the near future. Keep your eye on Nissan in the near future.

Nissan Micra
#80 Vauxhall Viva

Classed as a small family car and very close to it’s relative the Opel Kadett.


Built with a front engine and rear wheel drive.

1963 – 1979

Built in England and also know as as the HA, HB and HC series which reflected the different generations.

Vauxhall Viva
#81 Citroen DS

Classed as a mid-size luxury car / executive car placed third in Car of the Century competition in 1999.


A very attractive car in a strange sort of way that enjoyed impressive sales numbers for such a pricey cars at the time.

1955 – 1976

Offered as a 4 door sedan, 5 door Safari station wagon and a 2 door convertible. Built in France, Portugal, UK, Australia, South Africa and Yugoslavia.

Citroen DS
#82 Rover 200

The Rover was classed as a compact car and built by Austin Rover Group, and later known as the Rover Group


The second generation was split into two distinct models: the 200 Series which offered 3 and and 5 door hatchbacks, coupes and convertibles and 400 Series saloon and estate.

1984 – 2005

Reminds me of a Toyota, but it was very popular and affordable. A good reason to be among the 100 best selling cars.

Rover 200
#83 Morris Minor

The Morris Minor was a British economy car that was classed as a compact car.


A very impressive sales number for those years and a car that is still running around England.

1948 – 1971

Originally available as a 2 door saloon and convertible and later a 4 door saloon in 1950 and wood-framed estate (the Traveller), panel van and pick-up truck variants in 1952.

Morris Minor
#84 Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette is an icon to the United States Baby Boomers and still running strong.


The Corvette is only offered as a coupe or convertible and built in the United States.

1952 – Present

There is even a National Corvette Museum in Kentucky. The corvette is the only sports car that has been built for over 50 consecutive years.

2009 Chevrolet Corvette
#85 Nissan Primera

Classed as a large family car and offered as a 4 door saloon, 5 door lift-back and a 5 door estate.


The Nissan Primera was primarily sold in the Japanese and European markets.

1990 – 2008

A front wheel drive car and built in England. Often called the Infiniti G20.

Nissan Primera
#86 Autobianchi A112

The Autobianchi A112 was classed as a super-mini and built by the Italian automaker Autobianchi.


The only body style was a 3 door hatch back and was equipped with a 4 or 5 speed manual transmission.

1969 – 1986

The A112 was built in a Milan Italy factory and boasted 3 engine options.

Autobianci A112
#87 Volvo 140

The Volvo 140 series was classed as a mid-size and configured as a 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan and 5 door estate.


I though the number would be higher and ranking in the 100 best selling cars based on how many you still see on the road.

1966 – 1996

The 140 series was built in Sweden, Canada, Australia, Belgium and later in Malaysia.

Volvo 140
#88 Volvo 700 Series

The 700 Series Volvo was classed as a Mid-size luxury car and or Executive car.


The 700 was designed originally to be a replacement for the 200 series, but they kept the 200 on the books.

1982 – 1992

The Volvo 700 Series was also associated with the 900 series which was built until 1998.

Volvo 700
#89 Buick Riviera

Classed as a personal luxury car or full size coupe. A predecessor of the United States muscle cars.


The Buick Riviera sported front wheel drive that was revolutionary in the United States and related to the Oldsmobile Toronado.

1963 – 1999

The Buick Rivera is rich in U.S. history and the early models were real head turners.

1965 Buick Riviera
#90 Renault 4CV

The Renault 4CV was as an economy car and produced by the French auto manufacturer Renault


The 4CV was offered as 4 door sedan or convertible and built in France, Spain, Japan and Australia.

1946 – 1961

In other parts of the world the 4CV was also known as the Hino 4CV, Renault 4/4, Renault 760 and the Renault 750.

1951 Renault 4CV
#91 Volvo 300 Series

The 300 Series was classed as a compact car and built as a 4 door saloon and 3 or 5 door hatchback.

1,086,405 Vehicles

The 300 Series Volvo crossed many lines for a rear wheel drive car that was built in 2 separate plants in Sweden.

1976 – 1991

A very popular car and no surprise it is here on the list of 100 best selling cars.

Volvo 360
#92 Volvo S40/V40

The Volvo Sr40 and V40 has an unusual history when it comes to manufacturing.


S40 was a sedan, the V40 was an estate vehicle and later the V50 was a station wagon.

1995 – Present

It was built by NedCar from 1995–2004, Volvo 2005 – present and Ford Motor Company in South Africa.

Volvo S40
#93 Peugeot 207

The Peugeot 207 is a super-mini produced by the French automaker Peugeot and introduced in January 2006.


It has been said that the 207 model was the bestselling car in Europe in 2007.

2006 – Present

A sharp little car that keeps the Peugeot name popping up on the 100 best selling cars list.

Peugeot 207
#94 Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is a five-door hatchback subcompact car, manufactured by the Honda Motor Company of Japan.


Introduced to the market in 2001, but it didn’t come to the United States until 2006.

2001 – Present

A very popular car in a short time and growing rapidly in the United States since it’s introduction. The Honda Fit has only just begun.

2001 Honda Fit
#95 Mazda Axela

The Mazda Axela in Japan is a compact car manufactured in Japan by the Mazda Motor Corporation.

1,000,000+ Vehicles

A front engine, front wheel drive automobile that you should keep your eye on in the near future.

2003 – Present

Built as a 4 door sedan or 5 door hatch back built in Japan, Colombia, Iran, Philippines and Taiwan.

Mazda Axela
#96 Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 known as the Mazda Atenza in Japan is a mid-size car manufactured by the Japanese car maker Mazda since 2002.


If you talk to Mazda owners you will understand how they sold this many cars. Known for reliability and durability.

2002 – Present

Built with front engine and front or 4 wheel drive in Japan, Michigan, Colombia, China and Thailand.

Mazda 6
#97 Mazda MPV

The Mazda MPV which stands for Multi-Purpose Vehicle is a minivan made by Mazda.


First in 1989 as a rear-wheel drive vehicle with optional four-wheel drive and then it was replaced in 2000 with a front-wheel drive-only version.

1998 to Present

Growing in popularity they seem to be following in the footsteps of the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna except their sales are better.

Mazda MPV
#98 Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra was not too much to speak of in the past, but in 2010 and 2011 their are making a big splash.


The newest Elantra model is offering warranty, price and good looks. Look out Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

1991 – Present

First built as a compact car and then a a mid-size. Look out for the Elantra and Hyundai they will be climbing the 100 best selling cars ladder.

2011 Hyundai Elantra 2011
#99 Dodge Aries / Plymouth Reliant

Classed as a compact and offered as a 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan and 4 door station wagon.


Not much to look at, but a decent car for a decent price. Also known as a K-car.

1981 – 1989

Motor Trend Magazine called in the Car of the Year 1981. (Don’t ask why, nobody knows)

1982 Plymouth Reliant
#100 Lincoln Town Car

Here we are the last car in the 100 best selling cars from the beginning. The Big Dog. A full size luxury car that is still in production.


An impressive number for a big pricey car that was out of the financial reach of most car buyers.

1981 – Present

The Lincoln Town Car is a full-size, luxury sedan sold by Ford’s hi-line Lincoln brand. The Town Car features a V8 engine, body-on-frame design, rear-wheel drive and large exterior and interior dimensions. The way most U.S. cars used to be in the past.

Lincoln Town Car

Well there you go the 100 best selling cars from the beginning. I was surprised by some the  cars I found, but some I thought should of ranked higher. It’s just my opinion, but I don’t know how some of these cars made the list. It must of had something to do with the price and the availability.

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