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100 Best Selling Cars

We have put together a very interesting list of the 100 best selling cars from around the world. These cars were sold around the globe since the beginning of the automobile. Some of these automobiles may surprise you because some of them are from decades ago and some are still in production. There is no question about the human being having a love affair with the automobile. You will see the amount of vehicles sold and pictures of the vehicles if available of the world’s best selling cars.

As I put together this section of the 100 best selling cars I questioned some of the numbers and realized that quality or excellence had nothing to do with these numbers. Upon further research of top selling automobiles it was obvious that some of the big numbers were because the model name remained unchanged for many years. This is not a list of most popular, most fuel efficient or the best looking vehicles, it’s all about the best selling vehicles.

One of the top ten best selling vehicles was first produced in 1908 and others were introduced a few years ago. You should remember one thing as you go through this list and that is a best selling car is in no way an indicator of a good used car. It is strictly the 100 best selling cars of all time. Part 2 is linked below.

The 100 Best Selling Cars Part 1

Rank Make and Model Vehicles Sold Production Dates Car Photos

Toyota Corolla -
A compact car at it’s inception and then a compact car starting 1988.

Corollas were sold
all over the world
and still climbing.
1966 to Currently in Production and
a top seller
for Toyota.
Overall Best Selling Car
#2 Ford F-Series Truck One of the best selling trucks in the U.S. and said to be the most profitable division of Ford. 32,000,000+They are still building and selling this Ford pickup truck and probably will be for years to come. 1948 – Present
The Ford F Series full size truck is one of the most popular trucks on the road today.
best selling cars
#3 Volkswagen GolfOriginally a 3 door hatchback and then available as a 5 door hatchback. 25,000,000 +Units built and still going strong in several different variations. 1974-PresentThe VW Golf crosses the line from small family car to sporty car. Volkswagen Golf
#4 Volkswagen BeetleThe Beetle was in the subcompact class that sold as a two door. Not surprised to see this one on the 100 best selling cars. 21,529,464 Vehicles
The Beetle has along rich history that spans many generations.
1938-2003The Volkswagen Beetle was produced all over the globe except the U.S. Volkswagen Beetle
#5 Ford Escort The Escort is in the compact car class and was first brought to the market in Europe. 20,000,000 Vehicles The Escort was the first front wheel drive car made in the U.S. and since became the standard of most automobiles. 1968-2003Known as the first world car because of it’s popularity world wide spanning 22 years. Ford Escort
#6 Honda CivicThe Honda Civic is the 2nd longest running model built by a Japanese auto maker. 16,500,000+They are still building the Civic and still a very popular vehicle. 1972-PresentThe Civic was classified as a sub-compact car from 1973 – 2000 and then a compact car from 2001. Top Selling Honda Civic
#7 Ford Model TThe Model T was responsible for making the automobile both popular and affordable. 16,500,000 VehiclesMost people though the Model T was an American built car when in fact it was built in North and South America and Europe. 1908 – 1927It was considered the family car for the common man. Model T Ford
#8 Nissan Sentra The Sentra has changed and revised many times over it’s world wide history. 16,000,000+ Vehicles The Nissan Sentra is still selling strong and you will probably see this number rise in the near future. 1966-PresentFirst introduced as a sub-compact and then upgraded to a compact car. 2006 Nissan Sentra
#9 Volkswagen Passat It has also been labeled as the Dasher, Quantum, Santana, Corsar, Magotan and the Carat. 15,000,000+ Vehicles And still going strong. The VW customer is usually very loyal to the brand. 1973 – Present Classed as a mid-size sedan and family car. Volkswagen Passat
#10 Lada Riva A big seller in the Western European market. 13,500,000+ Vehicles Even the new ones look old to me, but it is a very good seller in Europe. Built originally in Russia. 1980 to PresentIt reminds you of something you saw in a foreign movie yet is still in production. Lada Riva from 1981
#11 Chevrolet ImpalaThe Impala badge has a rich history in the U.S. and has changed many times to what it is today. 13,000,000+A mid-size car that keeps coming back for generations. I thought this one would be on the 100 best selling cars list. 1958 – PresentThe Impala has run the gambit from family car to sports car over it’s many generations. 2010 Chevrolet Impala
#12 Ford Fiesta The Fiesta is in the sub-compact class and was introduced world wide at the same time. 12,000,000+ Vehicles The Ford Fiesta was built around the world including North and South America, India, China, South Africa and Europe. 1976 – Present The Fiesta was powered by a four cylinder gas engine and front wheel drive. Top seller Ford Fiesta
#13 Oldsmobile Cutlass The original Cutlass was a compact car and later became a mid size automobile. 11,900,000First launched as the Cutlass and later known as the Cutlass Ciera and body changes were made. 1961-1999 The Cutlass was a very popular model for the now defunct Oldsmobile division of General Motors. 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass
#14 Opel Kadett The Kadett was considered a small family car. 11,685,388Built by the German auto maker Opel (GM). Another Opel on the 100 best selling cars line-up. 1962-1991The Opel Kadett was a very popular vehicle and has been through dramatic changes over the years. 1978 Opel Kadett
#15 Opel Corsa The Corsa was in the sub-compact or super-mini class. 11,000,000+The Opel Corsa has been sold under many different names like Vauxhall, Chevrolet, and Holden. 1982 – Present The Corsa has been built in many different countries and plants including Africa, India, Germany and Spain. Opel Corsa
#16 Chrysler Minivans Which also include the Dodge and Plymouth minivans. 11,000,000+ Vehicles Still a major player in the family van market and sure to increase their numbers in the future. 1984 – Present It’s hard to go down the road and not see a Chrysler minivan for the past 20 years. 2008 Chrysler Minivan
#17 Mazda FamiliaFirst introduced as a sub-compact car and later as a compact or small family car. 10,000,000The Familia was later re-branded as a Ford Laser and the the Ford Escort and Mercury Tracer. 1963 – 2003They were built in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Africa, Colombia and New Zealand. Mazda Familia 2000
#18 Toyota Camry Probably one of the best known models of car around the world. 10,000,000+ Vehicles The Camry remains one of Toyota’s top sellers world-wide which will surely push their rank higher very soon. 1983 – Present Despite the media mess of the first Toyota major U.S. recall in it’s history the Camry is still selling quite well. 2010 Toyota Camry
#19 BMW 3 SeriesA classic from British Motor Works or Werks. 9,500,000+The 3 series is probably one of the most identifiable vehicles around the world and know for quality. 1977 – Present The 3 series was not only built in Germany, but India, Egypt, China and Iran just to name a few. 2009 BMW Series 3
#20 Ford Mustang If you live in the United States you are sure to recognize the Ford Mustang. 9,000,000+ Vehicles One of the most admired automobiles in the last 40 years. 1964 – Present Currently a big seller for Ford and sure to be around for years to come. 2009 Ford Mustang
#21 Fiat Uno Classed as a super-mini or sub-compact built by the Italian auto maker. 8,800,000+Yes, they are still building the Fiat Uno and probably will for years. 1983 – Present Built primarily in Italy and South America. 2005 Fiat Uno
#22 Renault Clio The French auto maker Renault has enjoyed the success of the Clio since it’s introduction in Europe. 8,535,280+The Clio has been sold in other countries under different model names because the Clio name was owned by other auto makers. 1991 – Present The Clio was even sold under the Nissan badge in some countries. Renault Clio 2009
#23 Honda Accord The Honda Accord speaks for itself when it comes to being recognized as a quality vehicle. 8,000,000+ Vehicles The Honda automobile company is still pumping out the Accord all over the globe and it will surely rise in the rankings. 1976 – Present The Accord is one of Honda’s best selling vehicles world-wide. 2010 Honda Accord
#24 Renault 4Classed as a sub-compact and economy car. 8,000,000The popularity of the Renault 4 must be from the economy customer because it is nothing to look at compared to other cars in it’s class. 1961-1992The Renault 4 really looks like something out of an old foreign film and it was built until 1992. Wow, that’s a lot of cars for something so ugly. Renault 4
#25 Opel AstraIt is branded as Vauxhall Astra in the UK, the Buick Excelle in China, the Chevrolet Astra in Latin America and the Holden Astra in Australia and New Zealand. 7,000,000+ Vehicles The Astra is now built in the United Kingdom, China, Brazil, South Africa, Ukraine and Poland. 1991 – Present The Opel Astra is actually a pretty good looking car and continues to sell well. Opel Astra
#26 Ford TaurusThe Taurus began it’s life as a mid-size car and then reintroduced as a full size car. 6,700,000+The original Taurus was a huge success and responsible a big part of the number above. 1986 – PresentFord has been making waves since 2008 and I think big things are coming. 2009 Ford Taurus
#27 Volkswagen Jetta The Jetta is classed as a small family car and enjoys a loyal following of owners. 6,600,000+Around the world the Jetta was also sold as the Atlantic, Bora, City Jetta, Jetta City, Fox, GLI, Jetta, Sagitar, and Vento. 1980 – PresentThe German auto maker is known for quality and will help the auto maker grow down the road. Volkswagen Jetta
#28 Fiat Punto The Fiat Punto (strange name) is in the super-mini class or sub-compact. 6,000,000+The Fiat Punto came from the Fiat Uno which can be seen above on this list. 1993 – Present Still in production and still selling well the Italian auto maker is force to be reckoned with. Fiat Punto
#29 Mitsubishi Lancer The lancer was a sub-compact car at inception and later became a compact classed vehicle. 6,000,000+It has been known as the Colt Lancer, Dodge/Plymouth Colt, Chrysler Valiant Lancer, Chrysler Lancer, Eagle Summit, Hindustan Lancer, Mitsubishi Carisma, and Mitsubishi Mirage. 1973 – Present Built primarily in Japan and badge under sever names at left. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer
#30 Buick LeSabreClassed as a full size family car with a well known heritage in the United States. 6,000,000The Buck LeSabre has been morphed into many different shaoes and sizes over the years that even included a station wagon. 1959-2005Today’s Buick Lucerne evolved from the LeSabre. Buick LeSabre
#31 Chevrolet Cavalier Classed as a compact car and not surprising that it made the list on the 100 best selling cars. 6,000,000 Vehicles The Cavalier remained one of the best selling cars in the U.S. for it’s entire life. 1982 – 2005A front wheel drive vehicle with a 4 cylinder engine. Chevy Cavalier
#32 Ford Explorer First as a mid-size SUV and then in 2011 a full-size crossover. 5,500,000+ Vehicles The Ford Explorer was probably the largest contributor to the popularity of the SUV. 1991 – Present Still in production, but sales have slowed with rising gas prices in the U.S. Ford Explorer
#33 MINI Built by BMC (British Motor Corporation) not to be confused with BMW 5,505,874The Mini from BMC reminds me of a clown car from the circus, but it is #33 of the 100 best selling cars. 1959 – 2000In 1999 the Mini was voted the second most influential car of the 20th Century, behind the Ford Model T. Mini
#34 Renault 5Classed as a super-mini or sub-compact 5,471,709It was a top seller in many countries and in the U.S. it was known as LeCar 1972 – 1996The Renault 5 was built as a 3 door hatch back and a 5 door hatch back. Renault 5
#35 Peugeot 206In the super mini class and offered as a 3 or 5 door hatch or 4 door sedan. 5,400,000+Quite an impressive number for a vehicle that was first built in 1998 1998 – Present Built in France, UK, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and South America. Peugeot 206
#36 Peugeot 205The predecessor or the 206 shown above. 5,278,000Based on the other cars on the list of 100 best selling cars if they left the name the same they would be ranked much higher. 1983 – 1998A car that just keeps on going and going that morphed into the 206 above. Peugeot 205
#37 Ford Focus The Ford Focus replaced the Ford Escort 5,000,000+ Vehicles Classed as a compact car or small family car. Affordability explains the popularity. 1998 – Present Ford keeps pumping them out as long as they keep selling. Ford Focus
#38 Ford Crown VictoriaThe Crown Victoria from Ford is loaded with history because the name came on the scene in 1955. 5,000,000+A rear wheel drive full size sedan that was also sold to many fleet owners and many police departments in the U.S. 1955 – 1956 & 1980 – PresentFleet sales drove up the numbers. I compare to driving a couch. Ford Crown Victoria
#39 Ford E-Series Van A full size van that is the staple of fleets across the United States. 5,000,000+No surprises here when it comes to being part of the 100 best selling cars. 1961 – Present In the late 2000′s Ford had nearly 80% of the full size van market. Ford E Series Vans
#40 Ford Ranger Another shining star in the Ford line-up and sold world wide. 5,000,000This small sized pick up truck variation was just the ticket for the fuel conscious owner. 1983 – 2003Built over seas with Mazda and Ford Australia. 2006 Ford Ranger
#41 Mitsubishi Galant There have been 9 generations of the Galant built by the Japanese auto maker. 5,000,000+Available as a sedan, hatchback and wagon which made it popular. First as a compact and then a mid-size. 1969 – Present Built in Illinois, Aichi, Japan and Venezuela.

2011 Mitsubishi Galant

#42 Chevrolet Camaro One of the original “Muscle Cars” of the United States and back for more. 4,800,000+Related to the Pontiac Firebird the Chevy Camaro reborn is determined to make it’s place in the market. 1967 – 2002 & 2009 – Present It is back from the grave and looking better than ever. Sure to boost the ranking in the coming years. Chevy Camaro 2010
#43 Polski Fiat Leave it to the Italian auto maker Fiat. Small car small price and big sales. 4,671,586An impressive number for another car that looks like a cute toy. 1973 – 2000The name tells you that it stated out in Poland and Fiat bought the plant later. Fiat Polski
#44 Opel Vectra Here is that Opel brand again (a division of General Motors) 4,500,000+Designed and classed as a large family car with front wheel drive. 1988 – Present It has been sold under names like Chevrolet Vectra, Holden Vectra, Vauxhall Cavalier, Vauxhall Vectra Opel Vectra
#45 Volkswagen Golf Classed as a sub-compact car and designed as an entry level vehicle. 4,500,000+Manufactured in South America and a best seller in Brazil. 1980 – Present For a few years it was sold in the U.S. under the Volkswagen Fox name and in Iran as the Golf and I thought they left out a letter. Volkswagen Gol
#46 Opel Ascona There is the Opel again and you wonder how GM got so big. 4,400,000Considered a large family car the major market was Europe. 1970 – 1988The Opel Ascona was also sold as the Chevrolet Monza in Brazil, Opel 1900 and the Vauxhall Cavalier. 1975 Opel Ascona
#47 Ford Model A The first Model was built 1903 and 1904 and looked more like horseless carriage. 4,320,446In 1927 the Model A that made a huge impact was introduced. This Model A came from and replaced the Model T shown above. Nice job Henry. 1927 – 1931The Model A was built in the U.S., Germany, Ireland, England, Canada, Australia and England. Ford Model A
#48 Ford Cortina The Ford Cortina was classed as a mid-size family car and built by Ford or Britain. 4,300,000The Cortina was around for 4 generations over it’s lifetime and sold in other markets under various names. 1962 – 1982A big seller during it’s lifetime. It was hard to go down a British road and not see a Cortina. Ford Cortina
#49 Toyota Land Cruiser Not surprised to see another Toyota in the 100 best selling cars list, but this one has history. 4,000,000The Toyota Land Cruiser started out as a rugged 4 wheel drive vehicle and morphed into the most expensive and luxurious on the Toyota line. 1953 – Present Through it’s life it has been built as a convertible, wagon and truck versions and very popular in the Australian Outback region where it was a best seller. Toyota Land Cruiser
#50 Pontiac Grand AM The very popular Grand AM was a bright spot in the now defunct Pontiac Division of GM. 4,000,000There are still a ton of them running the roads today. Snatched by those looking for a sporty look at a good price. 1973–1975, 1978–1980 and 1985–2005It just kept coming back trying make it work. Pontiac Grand Am

So far you have been through the first half on the 100 Best Selling Cars and I am sure you have seen many surprises along with some you expected.

Here is the second half of the 100 Best Selling Cars – Part 2 #51-#100

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